Jazz Stamp in New Orleans
posted: March 31, 2011

The USPS held a First Day of Issue ceremony for the Jazz Commemorative Stamp in New Orleans on Saturday. It was an honor to be asked to design this historic stamp to pay tribute to jazz music and a double honor to attend the ceremony in the Crescent City.
In attendance were Guy Cottrell, chief postal inspector, Nancy Marinovic. president of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, Jeffery Taylor, manager of the Louisiana District Postal Service and Thurgood Marshall Jr.. vice-chairman of the Postal Service Board of Governors. We were in the good hands of the Treme Brass Band, who played with the feeling that only bands from New Orleans posses.
Adding to the honor, the legendary New Orleans musician Deacon John, and the heart and soul of the HBO show Treme, Wendell Pierce came out and everyone involved signed posters and First Day Cancellations of the stamp.
Art Blakey said “Jazz washes away the dust of every day life” and maybe this stamp can wash away a bit of the dust in our everyday lives. They only printed 50 million stamps, so get down to your post office soon.

Some big-ass details for Sock and Taxali...

Kyle March 31, 2011
Paul, this is really the coolest! Congrats again and you did an amazing job on the art.
Felix Sockwell March 31, 2011
You're my idol. pop those sketches up too for Chrisakes. And some big ass detail! Great stamp. You should be proud.
Brian Stauffer March 31, 2011
That's huge, Paul. What an opportunity.
Douglas Fraser March 31, 2011
That's a huge stamp! It's great to see the right guy get the assignment. How to Go.
Noah Woods March 31, 2011
You constantly inspire, not just with your extraordinary, gorgeous work, but with your humility, passion and dedication. An amazing achievement, Paul.
Joe Ciardiello March 31, 2011
Got mine yesterday, Sounds like a great time.
Marc March 31, 2011
Such a great project, Paul. Congrats!
Robert Hunt March 31, 2011
Congrats Paul!
Gary Taxali March 31, 2011
I agree with Sock, more details! It looks really great, Paul! Congratulations to you and to us, you make us all look good. :-)
Richard Downs March 31, 2011
What a major achievement. Congratulations on a beautiful job. And, $.44 x 50 million is a pretty big number.
Robert Saunders March 31, 2011
Great Paul, I can't wait to snap up some sheets at my post office!
Ellen Weinstein March 31, 2011
Congrats, Paul!!
Andy Ward April 1, 2011
WOW! Does life get any better than this? You must have been so proud up there. HUGE achievement!
David Flaherty April 1, 2011
I'm sure you had a ball there Paul, great job and great image. Can you please zoom in closer for even more detail? ; )
Tim OBrien April 1, 2011
Looked like real fun and a heartfelt congrads on the honor. Beautiful work too.
sock April 1, 2011
thats what I'm talkin bout
Christoph Hitz April 1, 2011
Postage heaven, fantastic job.
Victor Juhasz April 1, 2011
I saw this at the post office the other day and grabbed a few sheets. Fantastic! What a kick ass stamp
Mark Ulriksen April 1, 2011
Way to go Paul. You seem to be living your dreams.
Leo Espinosa April 1, 2011
Thanks for the close-ups, Paul. Congratulations!
Mstthew Hollister April 1, 2011
Love all of those details, if only McNulty could have been there with Bunk.
Dale Stephanos April 1, 2011
Great stamp, congrats! Gotta get a sheet of these.
Aaron Spurgeon April 6, 2011
Awesomeness :)
Matt Foster April 7, 2011
I am on my way to the post office to get some!
Yuko April 7, 2011
Looks gorgeous. Congratulations!!!!
Mark McBride April 7, 2011
Congrats Paul on getting selected to do the stamp, it looks great. By the way, I bought the Thanksgiving Day Parade one that you did, that was really cool too.
Jeffrey Smith April 11, 2011
Paul, I know this is late, but that is a beautiful stamp and I am proud to know you. 626 564 8728