Fats Domino
posted: June 25, 2012

Here’s the second in the series of CD covers I’m doing for the wonderful  French record label, Editions Milan Music. The entire brief I received from them was two words, “Fats Domino.”
There’s probably no other living artist that’s more associated with New Orleans than Fats. He rarely leaves town, and he even turned down an invitation to the White House because he didn’t want to travel; he says he can’t find the food he likes anywhere except  the Crescent City. I had the idea to make Fats bigger than life and sitting on the rooftops of the town he loves. One building is also an upright piano and the Dew Drop Café is his stool.
There’s a little bit of Magoo and UPA in this one
thumbnail sketch...

pencil sketch...


Daniel Pelavin June 26, 2012
Love the whole thing but, especially the brushstrokes in the background and delightful linework. So many wonderful details to explore and discover.
David Flaherty June 26, 2012
Your ability to capture various vintage styles is amazing Paul. Of course you update it and add your own voice to it. You have a great gift.
Douglas Fraser June 26, 2012
There are some great Davis references in there. Lovely as usual. You da' Man.
drawger June 26, 2012
the best - simply the best.
Noah Woods June 26, 2012
A building-piano?! Love it all. Signed, The Paul Rogers Fan Club
Vica June 26, 2012
Stephen Kroninger June 26, 2012
I've had Fats Domino songs playing in my head since I first laid eyes on this illustration yesterday. Credit that as a tribute to your work.
sock June 27, 2012
really great paul.
Robert Crawford June 27, 2012
Paul, I love it. The "Magoo" references - the feet and parts of the buildings! Great!!!
Owen Freeman June 27, 2012
Beautifully crafted as always. Looking forward to many more in the cover series!
Brian Stauffer June 27, 2012
Great stuff. Thanks for the sketches too.
MWQ June 27, 2012
Fats is dear to my heart. Love what you have done.
Milan August 1, 2012
Very nice. Do you know how FD lives now, whether he does appear somewhere in public -maybe some concert - a short one :-) etc. Or do you know about some fan club of him, I could not find muc in Google. Thanmk you in advance.
Paul Rogers August 1, 2012
Milan- Fats is now 84 and lives a pretty quiet life in his beloved New Orleans. There are a few fan sites online with links to his music and photos. 626 564 8728