Hitchcock Musique
posted: February 14, 2013
My friends at Milan Music in Paris called the other day to see if I’d be interested in designing a CD cover for a collection of soundtrack music from Alfred Hitchcock films. Of course I would, and I sent them three options. My favorite was the caricature of Hitchcock, playing records in the Bates Motel, but I wasn’t sure if the tone was too light and I added a couple of more serious Saul Bass-y designs. They picked the caricature and it’s in French record stores now.

Victor Juhasz February 14, 2013
What a gas. Very happy they went with the caricature version.
Owen Freeman February 15, 2013
So cool, glad they knew what they had with that great caricature and scene!
Bill Mayer February 15, 2013
Theses are all so nice...I am thinking like Victor, caricature is the one that rocks me... So nice!
Douglas Fraser February 15, 2013
French? where's the bidet? nah, just funnin'. Like a pro.
Leo Espinosa February 21, 2013
c'est super! loving the pallet you used for all three designs.
Katherine Streeter February 24, 2013
these are so cool & fun! 626 564 8728