Coltrane on WKCR
posted: September 23, 2009
There's been some sad news on Drawger lately, maybe Coltrane can help. Today's his birthday, and WKCR will be playing his music all day. It'll be like going to church.

Doug Fraser September 23, 2009
Thanks for heads up. I'll check in.
Victor Juhasz September 23, 2009
Thanks for the heads up from upstate NY. Will be streaming KCR in a second.
Cathleen Toelke September 23, 2009
Just tuned in. Thanks, Paul.
Victor Juhasz September 23, 2009
The Anti-Christ (I say that affectionately) is doing his stint on John right now.
Rob Sussman September 23, 2009
on the coltrane tip, a book recommendation, if anyone's interested: 'the dawn of indian music in the west,' w an intro by ravi shankar. 626 564 8728