Paul Rogers Studio

Studio Visit


Continuing the show-pictures-of-your-studio craze that’s sweeping Drawger,  here’s a look at mine. I’ve been in this studio in Old Pasadena for about 15 years. My wife Jill’s studio is across the hall,  unless my music is too loud the doors are open, there are a couple other graphic designers in the building and an architect.


Those are a couple of Mexican movie posters I found at a flea market, and a film festival poster I did.

Books are starting to overflow and I should pack up the stereo to make a bit more space; I tend to just play music off the computer all day, but I can’t bring myself to pack up the records and CDs.  My son is quietly moving my LP collection into his LP collection, he slips out a couple of records every time he stops in. The kids love the vinyl.

That’s part of a large two-panel painting that’s going into the lobby of my landlord’s other building in the neighborhood.

Some days Jill brings her cat, James Thurber to work.