Ass Power
posted: July 22, 2009
We’ve been doing some on-location drawing in my Illustrative Storytelling class at Art Center this summer. This week we took in a ballgame from the left field bleachers at Dodger Stadium. A lot goes on out there that has nothing to do with the proceedings on the field.
I started this drawing when the Dodgers were down 3-0 and by the time I finished they were up 6-3. The students are figuring out what it takes to become an illustrator, and I tell them you gotta have some “ass-power.” Quincy Jones used the term to describe what made Michael Jackson better than a lot of other singers he’d worked with, Michael was willing to sit his ass down in the studio and do the work required to make a great record. Sometimes ass-power beats raw talent.
2010 World Cup
posted: July 9, 2009
Only 335 days until the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Faber and Faber in London called for a book jacket design for the updated “Story of the World Cup” by the legendary English football writer Brian Glanville. Art Director Alex Kirby asked for a vintage poster vibe that integrated the lettering into the image. This piece owes a lot to the great Joseph Binder.
Satchmo on WKCR
posted: July 3, 2009
WKCR is celebrating July 4th by playing the music of Louis Armstrong all day. Satch gave July 4th 1900 as his birthdate in many interviews, and it wasn’t discovered until after his death that his real birthday was August 4th 1901. If you make a list of America’s contributions to the world, Louis Armstrong has to be at the top of that list. His music can make you feel good about being alive. Check it out. 626 564 8728