The iPad Cometh
posted: April 20, 2010

Chris Curry at The New Yorker called last week for an illustration to accompany a piece by Ken Auletta about the iPad and its effect on the book business, digital publishing and e-books.


This is my first assignment from The New Yorker, and I had a little thrill seeing it in the magazine yesterday. I went down to Barnes & Noble to get a copy before mine arrived in the mail, and there was a video hyping the Nook playing in the quiet store.

Kyle T Webster April 20, 2010
As usual, your illustration would make a very cool poster. I wouldn't be surprised if some Apple employees tore this out and tacked it up in their cubes...
Harry April 20, 2010
Love that technique of yours, color, everything. I particularly like how you have text on the pad but it's obscured just enough to be unreadable.. I always have trouble when doing a book or phone. What to put on the screen? You figured it out.
Marcela Restrepo April 20, 2010
That's brilliant! I like that point of view, it makes the ipad look so powerfull and Godlike. Having said that, I'm not sure if I would be able to read a book on an ipad, maybe I'll just look at the pictures...
Tim OBrien April 20, 2010
I agree, poster-like. My take on the image though is that the iPad stole the type off of the book and thereby killed the book. Stellar piece Paul.
Douglas Fraser April 21, 2010
Kinda feels like the Ten Commandments, Tah Dah! Done to your usual high standard. Actually starts to make me want one.
David Heatley April 22, 2010
Just bought this today to read this article. Awesome illustration. Funny, too.
Aaron Spurgeon April 24, 2010
This is Fantastic Paul 626 564 8728