Funky Funky Broadway
posted: May 7, 2010
  The LA Times asked me to join a Los Angeles Conservancy Saturday Walking Tour of Broadway’s historic theatre district and make some drawings. None of these movie palaces show films anymore except for special screenings, they have all been adapted for use as filming locations, concert rentals, and retail.

  Our guide, Tony Valdez, told us that when he was a kid, he had to use the side staircase entrance for the segregated balcony, that’s some California Jim Crow.
The interior of The Orpheum is beautifully restored and has a busy schedule of concerts and events.
You can park here for six bucks and get “the best taco in town”
Rob Dunlavey May 7, 2010
"730 South Broadway" is a classic. Is there anything you can't draw?
Douglas Fraser May 7, 2010
I'm with Rob, that 730 South Broadway is my pick. They're are all wonderful.
Marcos Chin May 7, 2010
wow. especially love the stacking of the freeways in the 730 South Broadway drawing.
Greg Clarke May 7, 2010
Rob--I've been to Paul's studio--nope, there's nothing he can't draw.
Joe Ciardiello May 7, 2010
Great drawings, as always Paul.
Paul Rogers May 7, 2010
Thanks for the kind words, guys. the list of things I can't draw is long, babies, trees, businessmen in row boats, clowns, mimes, generic tennis players that could be either male or female, wizards, sarah palin, dogs as charming as Greg Clarke's, blues musicians with as much feeling as Ciardiello's, . . .
Tim OBrien May 7, 2010
Wonderful Drawings Paul. Masterful.
Robert Saunders May 7, 2010
Terrific images, Paul, you do this work with great style. I find myself loving parking lots and urban detritus!
Kagan May 7, 2010
Low down nasty stinky dirty, feel the low down funk... funk... funk... funky... funky broadway! Awesome drawings!
Nate May 8, 2010
fantastic pallete!
Hanoch Piven May 9, 2010
Paul these are really wonderful!! I'm gonna park at 730 S.Broadway. cheap!
A.Richard Allen May 10, 2010
All superb 626 564 8728