London Sketchbook
posted: May 15, 2010

I spent last week in London with Ann Field, Clive Piercy, and a group of students from Art Center. The days were filled with museums and studio visits to Neville Brody, Michael Apted, Rob Ryan, Fernando Gutierriez, and Sir Paul Smith. The brilliant A. Richard Allen, and the wonderful Linzie Hunter came out one night to show their work and tell some stories. It was also good to spend some time with ex-pat Owen Freeman.
There should be a word for that impulse to make drawings of everyday things you see on a trip. It doesn’t happen much when you’re home. Unless I'm on an assignment, I tend to drive right by stuff that would make a good subject for a drawing in LA, or else, I take a quick photo and never look at it again. But when you’re on the road, everything seems interesting

Hanoch Piven May 16, 2010
Paul you should be doing travel books (as well). These are delicious! (How was T's Massage by the way?)
Randall Enos May 16, 2010
Lovely images.
Yuko May 16, 2010
I love them.... :-)
harry May 16, 2010
Love your drawings, great reportage.
Peter Cusack May 16, 2010
Douglas Fraser May 17, 2010
The classic mini, pre-BMW.
ping May 17, 2010
eek, T's massage still looks shady, even after you helped it out haha!
Greg Clarke May 17, 2010
Yes, something about traveling feeds that drawing impulse. What a privilege to visit London with Ann and Clive as guides. Great drawings Paul.
Marcela Restrepo May 18, 2010
These are great! love that mini.
Robert Saunders May 18, 2010
These are wonderful chronicles, Paul. You are gifted with a keen sense of reportage. 626 564 8728