Forget it, Jake
posted: June 25, 2010

Jeffrey Smith and I are taking a group out to sketch in Chinatown Wednesday afternoon before the start of ICON6. We’ll be bringing along a model or two and setting up a scene in classic L.A. noir style.
What are you gonna do that afternoon anyway, hang around the pool? It’s worth 45 bucks to watch Jeff draw, and we’ll leave time for a gimlet at Musso’s afterwards.
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Jeffrey Smith June 26, 2010
Hey Paul, this looks great. I can't wait to watch YOU draw in Chinatown.
Jeffrey Smith June 26, 2010
... by the way, I don't SKETCH. Do you?
Joe Ciardiello June 26, 2010
Great images from both of you. I also love that great noir still, what film is it from?
John Hendrix June 26, 2010
What a post! Love this... I'm going to link this to the ICON website and stuff.
Victor Juhasz June 26, 2010
Jesus, these drawings are so great. Simply great.
Yuko June 27, 2010
So cool!!
Lou Brooks June 29, 2010
I'm in heaven.
Robert Saunders June 30, 2010
Terrific post! 626 564 8728