Name That Movie 9
posted: August 2, 2010
Six drawings per movie,in sequence,no movie stars

Steve Wacksman August 2, 2010
Here I go: Clerks 12 Angry Men Big Lebowski I'm ashamed to admit I simply have no idea Cuckoo's NEst Res Dogs How'd I do? Great drawings and great fun as always, Paul. I say it every single time, but I just love these.
Stephen Kroninger August 2, 2010
Wacks----North By Northwest
Douglas Fraser August 2, 2010
Truthfully, I only got, North by Northwest, and Reservoir Dogs. That house is sooo classic. Once I read Mr. Wacksman comments the lights came on for a couple more. Paul, thank you.
Carl Wiens August 3, 2010
Wait a second - isn't number three Fargo?
T August 3, 2010
love these so much... never saw clerks and never paid attention to cuckoo's nest so i missed those. but shouldn't we do it hangman-style in the comments so if we accidentally scroll too far we don't see the solutions?
TB August 4, 2010
Right on drawing, design, storytelling. Very nice.
Tim OBrien August 4, 2010
What a great set of drawings Paul.
Steve Wacksman August 4, 2010
North By Northwest! I saw that 15 years ago- maybe more -when I was on a Hitchcock kick. Saw Dial M, Rear Window, Rope, Vertigo, The Birds, Strangers On A Train and NXNW. And I'll come right out and say it- NxNW was too long and started boring me. Kinda killed the Hitch-fest, in fact. Guess I oughta see it again, as I obviously don't remember it.
Owen Freeman August 7, 2010
These are great as always Paul, but I can't believe the Jackie Treehorn rubbing didn't make the cut...
marc architecture August 26, 2010
i got one! probably will be refused a train ticket next time i'm in LA..... 626 564 8728