posted: September 4, 2010

Carluccio’s, a wonderful chain of Italian restaurants in the UK, called for a poster with a vintage travel feel to promote their olive oil from Puglia. It’s part of a summer campaign to promote food from different regions of Italy. I’ve admired the level of attention given to their graphics and packaging, and I was happy to lay this one on them. They still owe me a meal next time I’m in London.
Posters by Karen Murray, Lucia Gaggiotta and Adrian Johnson...

andy ward September 5, 2010
LOVE these Paul! the colomba is beautiful. Carluccio is a great client too, hold them to that free meal.
Harry September 5, 2010
Beautiful work-as are the others. I would put that poster on my wall. Love the red door, shadow cast.
Douglas Fraser September 5, 2010
There you go classin' up the joint. London, Italy, where next world man. Nice. 626 564 8728