LA Houses
posted: October 6, 2010

Los Angeles Magazine called for some spot drawings to accompany an article on the last fifty years of LA residential architecture. Since these were to appear about one inch across on the page, I treated them like the tiny ads in the back of mid-century architectural magazines. On some assignments, style and concept are the same thing.

Kyle T Webster October 6, 2010
Mini masterpieces. Love the cars and the foliage.
fiedler October 6, 2010
Outstandingly awesome!
Harry Campbell October 7, 2010
You know I love these. Beautiful and wish it was my assignment!!
Randy Jones October 7, 2010
The Formica counters,the Angel Stone fireplace,the Mustang Convertable in the drive, the smell of fresh cut grass, and American Bandstand on the tube. Great memories in great little houses. Looks great, Paul.
Ken Anderson October 7, 2010
Spot on. After saving your African-American music poster since '92 along with some directory tear sheets depicting Tom Waits, Quincy Jones, Louis Armstrong, etc.--I thought I already had samples of the good stuff. Now... Damn: smaller, deceptively simpler, grayscale--just wonderful, particularly the top four, just brilliant. Love the sponge effect mid-tone. Kudos.
Noah Woods October 7, 2010
Wow, Paul...these are absolute gems!
Matthew Hollister October 7, 2010
You sure know how to do it, these are great.
sock October 7, 2010
these are tasty as hell.
Patrick Hruby October 8, 2010
I'll take the first one. These are fantastic Paul!
Douglas Fraser October 8, 2010
I was away on a brief trip, so am late responding to these very crafted pieces. It's kinda' scary how you channel the look so effectively. I swear there must be a time portal that you reached into for these. Classic, but better.
Lesley October 15, 2010
What issue of LA magazine are these in?
Paul Rogers October 15, 2010
They're in the October issue, on stands now.
Darrell November 3, 2010
Found you via Twitter. Great stuff! I have a collection of Better Homes & Gardens from the 40's, 50's and 60's and your work is spot on! 626 564 8728