Kobe and LeBron
posted: February 21, 2011

I did a couple of shirt designs for Nike featuring Kobe and LeBron. Wil Green called and asked for a “1930’s World’s Fair poster” vibe. The art was done last year before Lebron’s move to Miami, so I had to revise the background on his design this year.

Alex Nabaum February 21, 2011
These are great! The body language really feels like these two as well.
Nick Ramos February 21, 2011
wonderful... love it!
Douglas Fraser February 21, 2011
Nicely done as usual. Your vector work has a structural strength that few can pull off.
Yuko February 21, 2011
They look fantastic!!
flaherty February 21, 2011
sock February 21, 2011
ton o work. you make it look easy. per Kobe: funny how in basketball a few years of winning rebounds and making layups can wash off the unprovoked anal sex you used to have. If we in the illustration bizz played those kinda dirty games we'd kareem abdul j'barred for life. Or not.
Mark Fisher February 21, 2011
Victor Juhasz February 22, 2011
Just great.
Nikki Poling March 14, 2011
Hi Paul, met you in Rob Clayton's class you covered last week. Great to meet you and your work is amazing! My hubby drooled over your Dodgers stories when I told him! But he also remembered your work when it went up at the statdium. Thank you again and I'll send you some stamps on the 26th :o) 626 564 8728