New Orleans 2011
posted: May 12, 2011

I was recently in New Orleans and I spent part of an afternoon roaming around checking out the progress of the recovering city.  I was down there about ten months after Katrina and it seemed then like nothing was going well. You could feel the effects of the disaster in every part of town, and especially in the Lower 9th Ward, the neighborhood that took the hardest beating from the failed levees.
On this trip, I saw some signs of optimism in the face of adversity.  There’s new  homes being built  in the 9th Ward by Make It Right  and Common Ground and there’s some wonderful new houses sitting on the spots that I saw completely wiped out after Katrina.
Deslonde Street June 2006...

Deslonde Street 2011...

Common Ground 2006...

Common Ground 2011...

Lower 9th Ward 2011...

The French Quarter is back at full strength. If you like loud Journey cover bands, this is the spot....

You pay your money, you take your chances....

I was reading a book about the jazz historian Bill Russell who took recording equipment into neighborhood clubs in the 1940s....

For me, every visit to New Orleans is too short and I always meet new people that make the city the most soulful in the country. If you want to see what’s going on, and how things are looking right now in the Crescent City, you should check out L. Kasimu Harris’ website.
flaherty May 12, 2011
Love the Jax image!
sock May 13, 2011
ironic the lucky dogs are sold outside the absinthe parlor. you'd need to be plenty high. great drawings paul.
Jeffrey Smith May 14, 2011
Hey Paul, Nice drawings... I like the way the paper unifies the color in the Famous Door drawing. And your use of typography is sooo nice... as always.
TBower May 16, 2011
Nice stuff Paul, highly observed but candid and honest.
Robert Saunders May 16, 2011
Nice feel to these in your documentary style Paul.
Douglas Fraser May 16, 2011
There is an interesting marriage of sparseness, color, line, and the hand drawn in these as usual. Beautiful work.
Victor Juhasz May 16, 2011
These drawings are master classes in color and line work. Just great fun looking at them.
Harry May 17, 2011
Great reportage!
Jim Paillot May 17, 2011
Paul, these are terrific. "... if you like loud "Journey" cover bands..." - haven't these people been through enough!? 626 564 8728