Union Station Sketchbook
posted: June 27, 2011

The Los Angeles Times asked me to go over to Union Station at rush hour and make some sketchbook drawings of the scene. I can’t walk in the main entrance without thinking of William Holden and Nancy Olsen in the 1950 movie "Union Station" and I always pause at the spot Holden gets shot to see if everything looks the same. The architecture hasn't changed much, the combination of Mission Revival and Streamline Moderne makes this a quintessential L.A. landmark. There’s those great waiting room chairs and the cork-lined walls keep the giant room as quiet as a church. It’s still a busy transportation hub, but no one dresses like people did in 1950, that’s for sure.
I did spot a very hip cowboy who looked like he was right off a movie location, or perhaps he just arrived from Tulsa with dreams of being discovered.

Stephen Kroninger June 27, 2011
beautiful work, Paul.
David Flaherty June 27, 2011
I'll second that.
Greg Clarke June 27, 2011
Saw these on Sunday--great work Paul.
Steve Brodner June 27, 2011
Great job and sharp eyes Paul. We want more such like at the Times and everywhere. Congrats.
Paul Rogers June 27, 2011
Thanks for the kind words, guys. In light of the recent discussion on pricing here on Drawger, I should mention that the great art director at the Times Calendar, Paul Gonzales fought to keep the fees up on these sketchbook assignments. It'd be great if more publications sent illustrators out for reportage, Gonzales has been a real champion of these pieces.
Douglas Fraser June 27, 2011
You make it look so easy. Great combo of line, and simple tones. Also a great combo of artist & subject. Does the city proud.
Alex Nabaum June 27, 2011
I spent some time at Union Station last summer taking the train to ICON, and these feel just like I remember the place. Great job!
Noah Woods June 28, 2011
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL.
Brian Stauffer June 28, 2011
very nice, Paul.
Patrick Hruby June 28, 2011
Beautiful Paul! I need to get out and draw.
Brandon July 29, 2011
I was in Union Station last week snapping a few photos (that incidentally didn't turn out well). Just discovered your sketches Paul. They look great and really do justice to a"Classic" LA landmark. 626 564 8728