GOP Circus
posted: December 15, 2011

You can't make this stuff up.
I'm still hoping Trumps gets in.

Douglas Fraser December 16, 2011
I am dumbstruck everytime I hear these guys speak. I just find it chilling, and incomprehensible that...., this is part of the process to elect a leader of United States of America? You know, the guy who is going to LEAD??!..... oh shit.
Steve Wacksman December 16, 2011
Yeah, what Doug said. How can anyone take this process seriously anymore? The carnival atmosphere, bluster and insincerity obscure everything else and ultimately we wind up with a politician who's nothing like the one who feverishly stumped for the 2 years prior. The 2 party system is broken. On the other hand, I sure do love your drawings. Not just these but, like, all of them.
Erik Berg December 21, 2011
Are these for anything? I hope someone publishes these?
John Hull January 9, 2012
It's been fun watching them fumble and stumble. Mostly funny but sometimes scary. I just can't imagine any one of these wingnuts as president. Love how Lawrence O'Donnell has been giving it to Trump..."Liar and a Buffoon". Paul, haven't been to your site in a while...really nice always. Best, John 626 564 8728