Name That Movie
posted: March 29, 2012
on the same shelf as Ebert and Pauline Kael...

My new book, Name That Movie: 100 Illustrated Movie Puzzles is in bookstores, (or save  $2.25 by ordering on Amazon.)
This book started out as some sketchbook drawings, I began posting them here on Drawger, Jason Sacher saw them and pitched it to Chronicle Books, and Editor Steve Mockus gently guided this to completion.
There are 600 drawings in the book, 100 movies and an index in back with film titles. My brilliant wife, Jill von Hartmann designed the book, and put up with a lot of Sunday afternoons with me sitting on the sofa with the remote control and a sketchbook.
For $14.95 you get gold foil on the cover ...

Endpapers inspired by Pablo Ferro...

Hand-drawn title page...

100 movie puzzles like this...

and an index with every film....

Here's a look at some cover ideas that we didn't use. We're still waiting to hear back from Tarantino for an intro....

The great Stephen Kroninger catches up on his reading...

Stephen Kroninger March 29, 2012
My next book purchase. Looks great, Paul.
Robert Neubecker March 29, 2012
What fun! Beautiful design & idea...
David Flaherty March 30, 2012
Way to go Paul. I like the blue cover at top right as well, but I think it makes sense to do the drawings on the cover. Like how it fits on the bookshelf. Good luck on this one!
sockwell March 30, 2012
love it paul congrats
jean-philippe April 4, 2012
guessed The Godfather, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Apartment but could'nt name the firts one !
Douglas Fraser April 4, 2012
Susan Hedley April 13, 2012
Hey Paul -- Thanks for your inspiring presentation to Hartford MFA class at Castle Green. Loved your talk, your brilliant sketchbook work, loved Pasadena.
Stephen Kroninger May 12, 2012
We had a couple of film professors over at our place last weekend and they not only flipped through but they flipped over your book.
Robin December 9, 2012
Bought it for myself last week. Love it! So far 41, no cheating either. Best gift I ever got, even if I did buy it myself. 626 564 8728