London Sketchbook
posted: June 13, 2012
selling brollies since 1830...

Some sketchbook drawings from a recent trip to London with Art Center.
Borough Market...

Ann Field does some window shopping...

Chickers in Shoreditch...

One of my favorite spots in Spitalfields...

a visit with Sir Paul is always inspiring...

Threadneedle St....

Scott Wilson June 14, 2012
Threadneedle St. is genius!
Hal Mayforth June 14, 2012
Beautiful work, Paul. I've been reading Dickens lately, making this post particularly poignant for me.
Andy Ward June 14, 2012
Great seeing your take on London Paul, really fresh.
Rob Dunlavey June 14, 2012
Good comment Hal. Paul, it'd be very interesting if you ever burrowed into Dickens' world. So many details, angles and light to play with. I love your architectural sketches.
Douglas Fraser June 15, 2012
Lovely drawings, and work as usual. I knew it was Anne before reading the caption.
Harry Campbell June 18, 2012
Lord these are beauties, particularly fond of the simple crisp B&W, beauty work Paul.
Lou Beach June 18, 2012
Lovely, old chap!
clive piercy June 21, 2012
thanks Paul, nice touch that cloud over Smith's umbrellas. And artistic license with the "blue" sky over Threadneedle Street. Brings it all back. Bacon and eggs at Ruby are only 47 weeks away.... 626 564 8728