Some Taco Stands That I've Never Eaten At
posted: November 12, 2012

Douglas Fraser November 12, 2012
These are awesome. The colour, and line are such fun. I'm going out for a bite!
Dan McGowan November 12, 2012
looks like I picked the wrong day to stop eating tacos...
THIBEAULT November 12, 2012
Love the repurposed Mickey D's
Gyu Kim November 12, 2012
I like the drawing but not the digital
Noah Woods November 12, 2012
Whether it's an English Umbrella shop or an LA Taco stand--always masterful.
Marc November 12, 2012
Mmmmm, tacos. Wonderful, Paul.
Steve Wacksman November 13, 2012
Love these because I love your drawings and I love tacos. Pass the hot sauce.
David Flaherty November 13, 2012
i hope you ate at each n everyone of these.
Leo Espinosa November 13, 2012
BellĂ­simos! Digging the wrought iron windows and the red outlined bike
Jody Hewgill November 15, 2012
Great series Paul, I love your line work. 626 564 8728