Mid-Century Modern for WSJ
posted: December 17, 2012

Eileen O'Donnel at the Wall Street Journal called last week for some illustrations for their Books of the Year review. The list of books wasn't set yet, so she just asked for some images about books and reading. There's no big idea here, just find a style that could work. I sent her a bunch of drawings of people sitting in modern chairs reading and some Saul Bass-Art Goodman inspired lettering.
The double-truck design had to leave room for the list of books....

Robert Saunders December 17, 2012
Great variety!
josh cochran December 17, 2012
love these. Hope you're well Paul!
Nancy Kate December 17, 2012
Thanks Paul for sharing these, I am keeping the paper more for your art than the book list! Nancy Kate
Debbie McLeod December 17, 2012
My favorite things! Reading, mid-century chairs! I want... Prints? A calendar? I cut them out of the WSJ, but some are back-to-back, and the newsprint shows through. Please!
Tatsuro December 17, 2012
Looks great! Must be fun to draw famous furniture!
Cathie Bleck December 19, 2012
I loved it-saw it in my weekend really brought me in and I am saving this one all around great content!
Robert Neubecker December 19, 2012
Beautiful spread...!
Matthew Hollister December 21, 2012
Too good.
Douglas Fraser December 22, 2012
High level with a beautiful mid century look. 626 564 8728