On The Road, Illustrated: Part One 1-3
posted: January 25, 2013

THIBEAULT January 25, 2013
Respectfully, while your drawings are quite wonderful, and I realize that this is your vision, your interpretation; illustrated novels that were originally conceived without illumination, I believe, are done a diservice in that it closes down the readers imagination and fixes another's vision on the experience. I feel it best to read the novel in its original form, and then enjoy someone else's response to it, comparing it to one's own, which is the the filter through which I appreciate this work of yours.
Victor Juhasz January 25, 2013
These are very evocative drawings, Paul. Love 'em.
Jon Lisbon January 26, 2013
My God Thibeault! It is the viewers mature responsibility in viewing, listening, experiencing art in any genre to get past the superficial engagement that you suggest is somehow the fault of the artist. Much of art riffs off of, or is inspired by, or done as homage to, art that came before. Paul Rogers has found inspiration in a remarkable piece of American literature and it has moved him to create. YOU GO PAUL! I read the book 40 years ago and it is a pleasure to see your illustrations. And for some younger folk coming of age today wherein a 3 second attention span is practically forced upon them...well, i bet your illustrations will inspire some of them to seek out Kerouacs literature or literally hit the road themselves. Your illustrations stand on their own merit and are a wonderful exploration of your own spirit as inspired by another.
Shraddha January 26, 2013
Such a happy random discovery. This made my day! :)
Mary January 26, 2013
Wow!! Congratulations on your work!
Klark January 26, 2013
On the contrary to Thibeault's response to your illustration, I found them to initiate a spark in which I was taken back to the images that first appeared in my mind when i read Kerouac's words. Well done Paul!
THIBEAULT January 26, 2013
Jon & Clark: You misinterpret my post. I was not criticizing Paul's good work, On the contrary you should notice that I praised it twice. I was merely stating my opinion as to the nature of writing and reading. I think you would find that most authors who write a work of fiction without including illustrations would agree that they would prefer the book to be read as such. At the same time, I believe that they would also welcome as strong, and articulate an interpretation of their work as Paul's.
Harry January 28, 2013
I tried to post from my phone a few days ago, it didn't take. On the Road was a hugely influential reading for me, as an impressionable 16 year old I read it and then quickly hit the road to hitch hike from NJ to CO. I certainly have the characters and places fixed in mind but upon another reading I'm sure they would be new, just as your drawings are a new fresh look at a true classic of American literature, or "just typing" Bravo Paul-I can't wait to see more.
Jeffrey Smith January 28, 2013
Love this Paul! Way to go.
Victor January 29, 2013
The illustrations are wonderful. As the Russian translator of the book, I see it the same way.
Denny January 29, 2013
What fun! What a good idea!
Bradley Wind January 29, 2013
very cool. Gonna be a long trip to complete this...
Lorelei Erisis January 30, 2013
My Nana, who is from Lowell, Mass, often likes to talk about the cute boy in her high school typing class that she had a big crush on. Jack Kerouac of course. Though I never had the pleasure of ogling the youthful Kerouac accompanied by the clack of young, awkward typists, I have practically patterned my life on the blueprint of his books, especially "On The Road". Some of these illustrations were so evocative of that restless spirit, that I felt tears welling up behind my eyes. And the mad desire to just, go, Go, GO!!! I will be sure to show this to my Nana when I see her again. I'm sure it will make her happy and spur another recounting of that cute boy in her typing class....
Steve Brodner January 30, 2013
Paul: How perfect. Takes you back / takes you forward. Illustration can be the perfect blending of story and art. This feels perfect to me. Must have. Burn baby.
davidabl2 January 30, 2013
I'm sure this is gonna put the damn movie to shame ;-) (in response to THIBEAULT)
THIBEAULT January 30, 2013
davidab12: It would be quite interesting to hear Kerouac's and Cassidy's take on the movie. I bet it would be scathing!!
Sahil February 4, 2013
Good work! A few of those match with the images my mind had conjured :)
M. Lauritano February 19, 2013
Regarding Thibeault, to say that novels originally published without illustrations shouldn't be, it would mean that the same goes for movies made from books, or reinterpreted plays with new settings and perspectives. Paul Rogers sharing his take doesn't mean he thinks that it's the ultimate version of On the Road and the image-less text should be abolished. It just happens to be a physical expression of his reading of the book, which others can share to enrich and broaden their own experience, should they choose to. I think these are pretty awesome. And the best part is the drawing-per-page rule. This 'scroll' construct, plus the stylistic treatment, really capture the freewheeling momentum of the novel. A series of observations, environments, most often absent of narrator and active narrative--it's like we're along for the ride. Looking forward to seeing more!
Luis June 26, 2013
Really good work!! You have a very good hand. Love the positive-negative resource Are this drawings edited in paper?
Nobody August 21, 2013
leslie lee August 21, 2013
gorgeous!! you beat me to a project i've always had rumbling around in my brain. i would love to buy these if you publish them in book form!
laurie October 1, 2013
beautiful project. loved it.
OGS October 14, 2013
Thibeault some of the greatest classical compositions are interpretations of existing works of art, such as Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet.
Woofboy October 30, 2013
Superb! Very evocative of the imagery in the book. Keep going! Would LOVE to see this amazing project in print. Somebody get Viking on the phone!
Paul E April 3, 2014
Please publish theseā€¦I'm getting frustrated having to visit you website for my daily fix!
CHRIS HODGSON July 5, 2017
I first read ON THE ROAD in 1963 when I was 15,what an absolute mind blower for a young English kid,up till then my reading had consisted of standard English stuff ~~Dickens Hardy etc. I imagined some of the scenes in my mind but never as good as Pauls stuff, absolutely fabulous, I hope that one day a publisher will get involved.. 626 564 8728