On the Road, Illustrated Scroll 2
posted: February 27, 2013

Stephen Kroninger February 27, 2013
Enjoying these immensely, Paul.
THIBEAULT February 28, 2013
Greg Clarke February 28, 2013
These are fantastic Paul.
Victor Juhasz February 28, 2013
Very effective drawings. Did you feel a need to do much photo reference hunting?
Paul Rogers February 28, 2013
Thanks guys. Victor, all the drawings are based on photos. I'm using historic photos to make these drawings accurate to the period.
Victor Juhasz February 28, 2013
Thought so. When time permits the opportunity to hunt for historical reference is both fun and educational. So much is learned. The authenticity comes through.
Jody Hewgill March 1, 2013
Wonderful drawings Paul. I love the vintage aesthetic of your work and how each drawing is beautifully designed.
Joe Ciardiello March 1, 2013
These are great Paul.
harry March 1, 2013
Beautiful drawings Paul.
John Dykes March 1, 2013
fun project you got here Paul!
Owen Freeman March 1, 2013
Stellar series Paul! Getting to see everything from head shots to signage in your linework is a treat.
Alan Witschonke March 2, 2013
These drawings have a whimsical but gritty edge to them that suits the book perfectly. I love how you define cast shadows with such a hard, straight line.
Emiliano Ponzi March 6, 2013
I read the book many times but with these super illos I'll do again over and over, great line synthesis!
Robert Neubecker March 7, 2013
Paul: I have a hard time keeping up with Drawger and I meant to comment last week: I really enjoyed seeing these drawings- I have books from Ben Shahn, to Ronald Searle to Love & Rockets and the whole new crop of graphic novels- this is solidly in that tradition- beautiful storytelling in simple, expressive B&W. A line can be worth a thousand words. Great stuff. Thanks.
Matt July 22, 2013
Just came across these. Fantastic stuff. Would make a lovely book. Thanks for sharing! 626 564 8728