Harold and Eddie
posted: March 15, 2013

My favorite new client, Milan Music in Paris, is re-issuing a lot of great American music and film soundtracks.They recently called for a couple of CD covers. The first is for a collection of songs composed by Harold Arlen, who wrote the music for “The Wizard of Oz” plus a lot of songs that have become standards of the American Songbook. Arlen had a long career writing for Broadway shows and Hollywood movies. I imagined him at work in a “David Hockney meets Mister Magoo” version of his Beverly Hills home.

The second cover is for a collection of hits by Eddie Cochran, the sharp-dressing rockabilly star whose career was cut short in a car accident when he was 21. Eddie made a lot of records from 1957-1960, and is probably best known for “Somethin’ Else” and “Summertime Blues.”
Sketches to work out Eddie's arms and legs....

Mark Fisher March 15, 2013
Beautiful colors in both and the Eddie Cochran image is Shakin!
Noah Woods March 15, 2013
Especially love the Arlen image with the Warner Bros. tower in the back and the rainbow. Great details, P.R. Beautiful!
David Flaherty March 16, 2013
Great job and gig Paul.
Victor Juhasz March 16, 2013
Love the images. The distortions in the Eddie Cochran are real fine. What a great gig.
Tim OBrien March 19, 2013
Wow Paul, these are so great...I love the wobbly legs. So jealous of you being able to do that!!!
Stephen Kroninger March 19, 2013
I got a gal with a record machine, when it comes to rockin' she's the Queen-----Nice job(s), Paul.
Douglas Fraser March 19, 2013
So smooth. You're bending it in a sweet way.
Daniel Pelavin March 20, 2013
Alan Witschonke March 21, 2013
Evocative, yet hip and contemporary. 626 564 8728