On The Road, Illustrated Scroll 3
posted: June 19, 2013

Andy Levine June 19, 2013
These Are All So Good! --- long time fan.
Kevin Mummery June 21, 2013
Seeing this work makes me want to learn to draw, and read "On the Road" again. Fantastic stuff, Mr. Rogers.
Greg Clarke June 21, 2013
Love this series Paul. Each image with text is a stand-alone piece.
Katherine Streeter June 23, 2013
These are so great Paul.
Tim OBrien June 26, 2013
Thanks Paul. I now have to think of ANYTHING cooler at some point today. Not likely. Love this.
sock June 26, 2013
Douglas Fraser June 26, 2013
Love your drawings. They're inspirational for anyone who loves line, and graphics. Also I grew up in a house with a bakelite version of that very phone. Apps for it were in short supply.
Mark Ulriksen June 27, 2013
Totally wonderful.
Tatsuro June 27, 2013
Beautiful as always!
john cuneo June 28, 2013
Just love this line. 626 564 8728