On The Road: Illustrated Scroll 4
posted: August 19, 2013

Katherine Streeter August 19, 2013
these are so great Paul, I especially love the lady in profile and those shoes!
J Rally August 20, 2013
Fantastic, total fan.
Allen Garns August 21, 2013
Great work Paul. The imagery, the graphic drawing style, the design and the text all work together superbly. I particularly love the images of old LA but also the portraits…and the sink…and the 38 chevy …and… … …
john cuneo August 21, 2013
Masterful work. Such an assured use of that tasty black, with handwritten type that is perfectly sympathetic to your line.
Steve Brodner August 21, 2013
Illustration is so much about observing, feeling, selecting, isolating. This is a lesson. Sept. students out there, pay attention to this sublime mastery of all these elements.
Walter Vasconcelos August 21, 2013
Great drawings Paul. Congratulations.
Scott Bakal August 21, 2013
Wonderful work, Paul! Congrats on such a nice series of work.
A August 22, 2013
These are amazing. Please let me know when the book is available!
Ellen Weinstein August 23, 2013
Each one is a gem.
marcellus hall August 23, 2013
Love it
marcellus hall August 23, 2013
Douglas Fraser August 23, 2013
Thank you for this.
Wes August 24, 2013
Illustrating "On the Road" is a wonderful idea and your skillful drawings are a perfect compliment to Kerouac's writing.
Victor Juhasz August 25, 2013
Masterful use of line and black and white. I don't believe people realize how difficult it is to lay the right washes down in the right spots.
Noah Woods August 27, 2013
Extraordinary little beauties, Paul. Each is a pearl...a gem...a jewel.
Jason Marshall August 27, 2013
Nicely done. The book is an American classic and these illustrations are a beautiful tribute.
Ryan O'Shea August 27, 2013
I thought I would hate this because of the way Kerouac is often mischaracterized and overshadowed by this one book among his long bookshelf. But this is great. I would love to see what you could do with Dr Sax. If you ever want, I'll show you around Lowell.
Tim OBrien August 28, 2013
Someone upthread said masterful...I agree and I wish I drew like this too. The drawings are like songs.
Harry August 28, 2013
Oh beautiful black, in love with your line, the economy of line, one can't do this without years of drawing. This book was so important to me as a young man-spent some time "on the road". You bring all those distant memories to life. Beautiful work. I want the book, graphic novel, however it manifests.
Leo Espinosa August 30, 2013
I keep coming back to this post to admired what you drew and what you didn't. There's a lot left out for the mind of the viewer to complete the story. Truly inspiring, Paul.
Herberto September 7, 2013
Boy! What a piece of work! Fantastic! I sure dig this!
BenA September 12, 2013
I'd love to get this, its stunning as hell.
Tony Enoch September 12, 2013
Hi Paul, I'd be interested in buying some prints if you do some.. or originals? Love the storytelling. cheers Tony 626 564 8728