Las Vegas Timeline
posted: November 1, 2013

I got a call from Christopher Smith at Desert Companion Magazine to do 16 spot drawings for a timeline of Las Vegas. The list of events to be illustrated was a lot of fun to research and I tried to bring a Vegas-mid-century vibe to the drawings.

Christopher sent me a rough layout to show where the drawings would fit, and designed a beautiful five-page spread.

John S. Dykes November 3, 2013
Gem of an assignment so beautifully handled in your handle Paul
sock November 4, 2013
dessert companion? i love it
Marcellus Hall November 4, 2013
love these
Katherine Streeter November 4, 2013
These all look perfect in the timeline!!
Brad Jansen November 5, 2013
Great little golden nuggets of art. Another wynn-wynn. And that's no mirage.
Victor Juhasz November 6, 2013
I really enjoy these, Paul.
Robert Neubecker November 6, 2013
Yes! A gem.
john cuneo November 12, 2013
All this info in each perfectly pared down picture.
Miranda May 23, 2014
Now, this is the sort of time line I'd pay attention to! Great illustration and movement all about the pages. Lovely! 626 564 8728