Hollywood Soundtrack Albums
posted: March 5, 2015

Here’s a look at the latest CD cover I’ve done for Milan Editions collection of Hollywood Soundtracks. Milan is a label in Paris that has been asking me to design the covers of some re-issues and collections of American music. That's right, a record label comissioning new art! The brief is always about two lines, something like “Would you like to design a cover for a collection of music from Orson Welles films?" I say yes, and send the art, they say “Merci” and send me a box of CDs. What a pleasure.

Katherine Streeter March 5, 2015
These are so great Paul-- I especially love that Grace Kelly one!
Keith Henry Brown March 5, 2015
REALLY love these!
Steve Brodner March 5, 2015
All so subtle and knowing and . . . beautiful. 626 564 8728