Coulrophobia for Taco Bell
posted: March 25, 2015

Last month I was on a conference call with an art director from Deutsch who was driving his motorcycle and describing a new campaign for Taco Bell that involved a Dystopian world where everyone eats the same breakfast. There's a clown/dictator and several references to McDonald's. Senior Designer Erin Burrill was designing the propaganda posters and they needed some help with the clown poster.
Deutsch poster comps...

Screen shot from the TV spot...

The campaign just launched and you can see the three-minute version here:
And read more about the campaign here:
Here's a look at the Illustrator outline...

Alex Nabaum March 27, 2015
Sweet! Saw this ad a few days ago, liked it.
Linzie Hunter March 28, 2015
Thats so cool Paul. Nice job!
Harry Campbell April 6, 2015
Love it-and that the A.D was calling from his motorbike. Love the Command Y line view.
Douglas Fraser April 8, 2015
Beautiful, and love the working screen grab. Paul, you've got that strange factor going nicely. 626 564 8728