New York Times Science
posted: May 5, 2015

I’ve been doing a weekly piece for The New York Times Science Section to accompany Jane E. Brody’s Personal Health column. It’s been a pleasure working with Art Director Catherine Gilmore-Barnes on these and it’s been nice to work on series of images that are building a consistent visual style for the column. Also, it’s nice to hear from my mom each week that she saw my drawing in the paper.
Early signs of Parkinson's...

Nuts are healthy for all ages...

Clinical cancer trials...

Subdural hemotoma...

Staying active to fight arthritis...

Scott Wilson May 5, 2015
These are great! You're right about the consistent style, they make a great family. I particularly like the microscope idea.
Douglas Fraser May 5, 2015
Consistent classy graphics.
Marc May 6, 2015
Love these, Paul: fun, smart, and iconic.
Scott Bakal May 13, 2015
I've done pieces for the Brody columns with Peter Morance in the past - tons of them it seems. There were always interesting topics. These piece are wonderful and delightful even for some of the topics. A soft touch on tough ideas. Great work, Roger.
Carl Wiens May 13, 2015
Great series, Paul. These medical pieces can get morose - you bring a positive energy and bright style to these. Great work!
Harry May 13, 2015
I've noticed them, immediately recognizable and consistent. Nice work Paul. 626 564 8728