LA Times Music Venue Roundup
posted: May 23, 2015

Here's a look at 30 Southern California music venues I just finished for the LA Times great AD, Paul Gonzales. I drew these all in a Moleskine sketchbook sitting on my ass in my studio using Google Maps Street View in about three days, or the same amount of time I would have spent sitting on the freeways to get to each spot.
You can read Randall Roberts reviews of each spot here:

Scott Wilson May 23, 2015
Paul, you are the man! Love your loose treatment that nails the essence every time.
Victor Juhasz May 25, 2015
You are the master at knowing just what to note and what to leave out in your drawings. Very nice.
Greg Clarke May 25, 2015
That was an epic layout—these looked great in print Paul!
Mark Ulriksen June 1, 2015
Perfect project! 626 564 8728