Squash, the sport, not the vegetable
posted: January 16, 2016

Last week Nicholas Blechman called requesting an illustration for an article about squash, the sport, not the vegtable, written by Tad Friend in The New Yorker.

The article is about Mr. Friend's relationship to the sport and also the mental side of the game as an antidote to midlife malaise. The editor sent along a note about the Hourglass Analogy, an idea that in middle-age a weaker player may occasionally beat a much better player. Sketch 1 is in color, because I wasn't sure the pencil sketch would communicate my thinking clearly.

Sketch 2 was chosen and I sent over two color options. In re-reading the article I also realized that Mr. Friend is left-handed.

They went with the red one. It's always great to see a piece printed, surrounded by that distinctive New Yorker typography.
Kyle January 21, 2016
I love this, Paul. I'm so glad that sketch won out - it's so dynamic. And I play squash- it's a blast.
harvey f. watts jr. January 26, 2016
I do NOT play squash (I DO eat them) however I can't imagine a better way to describe the game...your illustration is amazing! The nimble stretch, the concentrated reach, the ricochet of the ball. I can almost hear the squeak of the shoes on the floor. I think I just played my first game. Just read the article. Thanks
Robert Crawford January 28, 2016
I love these, Paul! Boy, the racquets sure have changed since I played!
Douglas Fraser February 7, 2016
Nicely done. It gives off a good feeling for the strategy of the game. 626 564 8728