LA Metro
posted: March 14, 2016

I’ve been working for a few years with LA Metro making illustrations that can be used in a variety of formats, a project that has grown from a series of three posters to over 100 images. These pieces are used in advertising, commuter information, and online as part of LA Metro’s expanding program to bring mass transit to Los Angeles.
It’s been a real pleasure working with Creative Director Michael Lejeune and Melissa Rosen, Art Director at Metro Design Studio. My job is easy on some pieces, “give us a cool look at an existing light rail line, or new bus,” and more difficult on others “we don’t know exactly what this should be but we need an image that ties light rail to Metrolink, but without showing a specific train.”
When we started, one of the things Michael and I talked about was the great original Disneyland attraction posters by Bjorn Aronson. We both liked that modernist poster style for showing complex images in a clean, clear way. There’s a lot of people involved on these, engineers looking for accuracy in the structures and graphic designers making sure I get the correct font on the sides of the trains.

Bjorn Aronson's 1955 Disneyland posters...

Scott Wilson March 14, 2016
Paul, these are stunning examples of graphic art at its best! Cheers, Scott.
Chris Spollen March 15, 2016
Wow lovely work!
Mark Fisher March 15, 2016
The images are super, especially the color combos.
David Japka March 16, 2016
Beautiful. Metro should be proud!
Dale Stephanos March 17, 2016
Great work Paul. I bumped into a collector of those Disneyland posters. They're about 30"x40" and really stunning. You've brought that feel up to date nicely.
Douglas Fraser March 19, 2016
Your respect for the references in these pieces is wonderful. The combination of the inspirations, and your design/illustration experience imbues these pieces with a contemporary freshness. Your stylization is tastefully applied to your subject matter, and not overwrought. Congratulations on a superb collection of illustrations.
flaherty March 21, 2016
These are exceptional Paul. Esp. love the welders.
Joseph Barbaccia March 28, 2016
Historic crispness and composition combined with contemporary color and methods. Brilliant.
Victor Juhasz March 30, 2016
Paul, you're killing it here. Great work. 626 564 8728