Name That Movie
posted: November 25, 2007
I started a series of drawings in my sketchbook, it's a kind of visual quiz of great movies. Each series is  a sequence of six drawings of shots from classic films (in the order they appear on screen.) No portraits of movie stars, just iconic images from the film. When I finish 100 movies, I'll see about getting them published as a book.
A book like this could sell dozens.
WAM November 25, 2007
I LOVE these sketchbook drawings. I'd be one of the dozens to purchase this.
Rob Dunlavey November 25, 2007
Robert Saunders November 25, 2007
Very cool, Paul. That thing you do with the reversing of black out to white is very appealing and instantly turns a common sketch into an uncommon one.
Walter Vasconcelos November 25, 2007
Great stuff ! Beautiful typology Paul.
Stephen Kroninger November 25, 2007
And for Bonus Points----match the composer to the movie Chico Hamilton Quintet Max Steiner Adolf Deutsch Franz Waxman Bernard Herrmann One is a compilation produced by T Bone Burnett (easy one) AND extra extra bonus points if you can name the tune penned by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby which is included on the soundtrack of one of these outstanding motion pictures. I now turn this post over to Lou Brooks. (AND NO GOOGLING!) Great stuff, Paul.
Richard Allen November 26, 2007
Tremendous stuff, Paul. I especially like your buildings and lettering.
Zina Saunders November 26, 2007
Wonderful stuff! I really like the switching between black line/white bkgrd and white line/black bkgrd.
Nancy Stahl November 26, 2007
The guys in drag from the back are the best of the best..! Don't tell me you drew the del Coronado from memory..! Great drawings..!
Leo Espinosa November 27, 2007
I could stare at these all they long. Have you ever done comics, Paul?
Jason Skjonsby November 8, 2009
Name of Movies.1. Citizen Kane 2. Casablanca 3. Maltese Falcon 4. O Brother Where art thou. 5.Rear Window. 6. Some like it Hot. 7. Sweet Smell of Success 8. Taxi Driver
Lis November 9, 2009
if not a book deal, you should see if GAMES Magazine would be interested in buying it as an occasional puzzle...
Ryan Brennan November 9, 2009
Jason has it. Chico Hamilton Quintet -- Sweet Smell of Success Max Steiner -- Casablanca Adolf Deutsch -- Some Like It Hot Franz Waxman -- Sunset Blvd. & Rear Window Bernard Herrmann -- Taxi Driver & Citizen Kane T Bone Burnett -- O Brother Where Art Thou "I Wanna Be Loved By You" -- Kalmar/Ruby for Some Like It Hot
Mike Lewis November 9, 2009
Should be a TV game show on Bravo or TNT or maybe a jepody answer! Anyway I missed The sweet smell od success! Got to pull it out and watch it again. Of course I have the musical cast album so I should have got it! Oh well given lots of time maybe!soun
Sharon November 9, 2009
I'm a fan!I would definitely buy a book of 'em!
Mo December 17, 2009
bonus points for the Arrested Development reference.
dee December 18, 2009
what are the answers
tori December 18, 2009
They're awesome! I'm trying to see if I got some right -- where are the answers?
amy anderson December 18, 2009
Pulp Fiction...
paul weideman December 28, 2009
Wonderful stuff — cagey, elegant art thinking AND NO "OFFICIAL" ANSWERS ANYWHERE. I love it. Really, you're going to sell more than dozens of this future book... 626 564 8728