LA Bookstores
posted: March 5, 2008
The Los Angels Times is running an article this Sunday on the closing of Dutton's Books in Brentwood and they've interviewed a few writers about their favorite independent bookstores in town. Paul Gonzalez, the greatest art director on earth, calls and asks me to do some drawings of the stores to accompany the article. So, I make the rounds, do the drawings and send him these. He likes them so much he ups the budget!

The fee now just about covers what I spent on books in the stores this weekend.
Richard Allen March 5, 2008
Intricate and lively studies, Paul. Love em. Like the pose of the guy in the top one.
Bob Staake March 5, 2008
paul, these are just beeeyouteeful! wonderful stuff!
Leo Espinosa March 5, 2008
All of them are great but Book Soup has all the ingredients I like. Scrumptious post!
Zina Saunders March 5, 2008
These really are lovely, Paul: line, palette, composition, they've got it all.
Doug Fraser March 7, 2008
Paul, these are graphic, and fun. Your color sense reminds me of my LA trips. For Christsake, now you're ripping off Alan Cober!
Lou Brooks March 7, 2008
Paul... a big time treat to see everything you post at Drawger. These are just plain the greatest. It's amazing to see all of this fresh stuff coming right from your sketch pad. Ditto on Richard's comment on the guy's pose. As if something just caught his eye while strolling by. I dig illos. that have some little story in there somewhere. 626 564 8728