NYT Week in Review
posted: June 30, 2008
The article mixes historical events with images from literature and popular culture. That's Brando in the center, (I've already taken some heat from friends for the sweating beefcake)...
Last Wednesday Aviva Michaelov at The New York Times called with an assignment for the cover of Sunday's Week in Review. She wanted an image to accompany an article that looks at how long, hot summers have been a crucible for the evolution of America's idenitity from the very beginning of our history. The illustration covers a lot of front page real estate, 15.5 " x 8.6"  She sent me a rough draft of the article with a note that the illustration should have a Hot Summer feeling not one of dread. A collage of images from the article made the most sense, and I added a Weber Grill and stole some Ben Shahn-style flames to wrap around the images. Aviva sent a layout that showed where the art would fit with the typography so I could design the shape to work well on the page.
The sketch was approved on Thursday morning and I worked late and sent the final art Friday morning. A call for a quick turn-around for the Times always gets my blood going, and it seems like magic to see the piece in Sunday's paper.
A close-up for Clive....
Sketch with preliminary layout...
David Flaherty June 30, 2008
Did they just scale it to add the extra column? Nice job!
J.D. King June 30, 2008
I think the NYT has a 2-to-3 Drawger minimum for prominent Week in Review pieces.
Kyle T. Webster June 30, 2008
Paul, as usual, a design gem. I really like the use of the long, winding lines that represent the fire - they effectively tie everything together. Great device and really nice drawing. Kyle
Jim Paillot June 30, 2008
Love how the flames tie it all together.
Robert Saunders June 30, 2008
I saw the printed piece. Beautiful job, Paul.
Stephen Kroninger June 30, 2008
Nice work, Paul. It caught my eye in yesterday's TIMES as well.
Mark Fisher June 30, 2008
Well done!
Doug Fraser July 1, 2008
Rich, and elegantly done. Thanks for the detail pic. Paul you're a better type designer than quite a few art directors.
Peter Cusack July 1, 2008
wow!!! I really really love this. Inspiration!
Harry Campbell July 1, 2008
I noticed it right away, beautiful work and a great article as well. I was at the other end of the Week in Review, Sunday op-ed taking up more than usual real estate as well. Nice work!
Owen Freeman July 2, 2008
This is by far the best heat-wave illustration solution I could imagine- short of some sort of.. tattoo imagery... 626 564 8728