Weekly Reader
posted: October 2, 2008
I just finished some portraits of African-American leaders for current event posters to be put in classrooms by The Weekly Reader.  Hopefully, this won’t be the last time I draw Obama, but I’d rather the other two spend the rest of their long lives out of the public eye.
Tim OBrien October 2, 2008
I love these Paul. Great work
Jim Paillot October 2, 2008
Beauties. All three. Hand lettering is the best when done this well.
Doug Fraser October 2, 2008
Once again you do a damn fine job of type & image.
Jason Crosby October 2, 2008
Hanoch Piven October 3, 2008
Beautiful Paul I love this style of drawing of yours. Hope you get more and more requests to work in this style.
Leo Espinosa October 3, 2008
Just beautiful! Line and type at their best.
Cathie Bleck October 3, 2008
These are so wonderful Paul...everything about them is inspired!
Jeffrey Smith October 4, 2008
So last night I'm sitting in the bar at Il Fornaio with my good friend Paul Rogers and I say to Paul, "Hey, anything interesting on Drawger recently?" And peering over his glass of mothers milk while watching the Boston Red Socks play the Los Angeles Angels, Paul says, "Nah, nothing special..." Obviously, the hand written type and image is beautiful here. But the thing I like most about these images is the rim light! Paul, like myself, is a fan of film noir. And rim light is often used in that genre. Way to go Paul. I think you managed to get a little "Chinatown" into these portraits. These are really great. 626 564 8728