London Sketchbook
posted: November 14, 2008
The last two years I was invited to join a group of students from Art Center on a trip to London led by Illustration Chair Ann Field (who’s English.) We make the rounds of museums, galleries, and artist’s studios. The kids make some late-night rounds of their own. These are some drawings from my sketchbooks from the trips.
That's Jeff Smith and his Leica....
Shannon, Ann, Patrick, and Clive waiting for a cab....
Robert Saunders November 14, 2008
Very fresh!
WAM November 14, 2008
I love your work. Curious, do you draw in graphite or pen and ink? Would be neat to see originals before colored digitally.
andreas November 14, 2008
these are very very nice. great colors and line quality.
Doug Fraser November 14, 2008
You should be doing some automotive illustration. I always enjoy you take on cars.
Linzie Hunter November 14, 2008
Lovely stuff I'm so sad that the piccadilly cafe had to close down, but your sketch captures it perfectly!
Jeffrey Smith November 14, 2008
Paul, Your drawing of that slender illustrator is much appreciated. The other 40 pounds you left out are hell. I really like the drawing of "David Drummond's Pleasures of Past Times Bookshop" drawing. I like your use of color, and the handwritten typography. More werewolves please.
Brandon Reese November 14, 2008
Gems... every single one!
deniseletter November 15, 2008
Your drawings are in my dreams.(And it's not poetry).I love them
Walter Vasconcelos November 17, 2008
Paul, very cool stuff !
Christoph Hitz November 17, 2008
Hi Paul, These are great. Since these are sketches from a sketch book I assume you add the color in your computer. Do you take pictures for color reference? Just curious, the Royal Albert Hall is spot on.
Paul Rogers November 17, 2008
Thanks everyone for the kind words. The technique on these drawings is pretty simple. The line drawing is done with a Pilot Razor Point in a sketchbook, and the color is added with Adobe Illustrator using some scanned brushstrokes and cheesy sponge textures. Photos are used for reference, I don't want to get my ass kicked for drawing on the street.
Christoph Hitz November 17, 2008
Paul Thanks, I did noticed the photographic distortion in the drawings, the step of using a photo reference for the sketch book tripped up the Swiss purist in me. Silly me just draws from life or from my head.
Wouter November 17, 2008
Wonderful style. I love how you distort the buildings. W
Leo Espinosa November 17, 2008
There's a great deal of nostalgia in those storefronts and I realize is because the absence of people. As soon as you add a human figure, the mood changes. Thanks for sharing these, Paul.
Peter Cusack November 18, 2008
AHHHHHHH! These are so satisfying!!!! I love the drawing of Sir Peter Blake. What and who is this. Pure inspiration!
Paul Rogers November 18, 2008
Sir Peter Blake is a British pop artist, in America he's most well known for creating the Sgt. Pepper album cover, his career has spanned six decades, and his influence is still monumental. We spent a couple of hours with him in his studio on these trips, he was gracious, charming, inspiring and everything you'd like to be. At 76 years old, he is interested in what the students were thinking, he showed us his new projects, and admitted to be a bit hungover after a late night out with Paul McCartney and Kate Moss.
Anna See December 1, 2008
These are AWESOME! I'm always amazed at the unique and interesting ways you finish the sketches with Illustrator. Beautiful color. I had automatically assumed you used Photoshop to color your sketches, but these are brilliant, even with the "cheesy sponge!"
Shannon Freshwater January 1, 2009
These are great!!! Wonder what happened to the sketchbook we all started?
Andy J Smith February 11, 2009
Beautiful range of work! Also enjoyed your interview (and your books!) on Good luck with all your future endeavors and teaching! 626 564 8728