Max Roach on WKCR
posted: January 8, 2009
Saturday January 10th is the 88th anniversary of the drummer Max Roach’ s birth. WKCR 89.9 in New York City will be marking the occasion, as they always do, by playing his music for 24 hours beginning at midnight. If you like jazz music, or think you might like to learn more about it, there’s no better place than WKCR, also found online. There’s also no better person to learn from than my friend, Phil Schaap, who runs the jazz programming at the station. Phil’s knowledge of jazz music is as deep and as rich as it gets, and his love for the musicians who play it is infectious. We lost Max Roach last year, so this year will be the first birthday broadcast that Max won’t be at home listening in.
Then, beginning the next day, WKCR will be airing the Roy Haynes Festival, 301 continuous hours of his music. Sunday January 11th through Friday January 23rd. Haynes is now 83 and his drumming has helped propel groups led by the greatest names in jazz including Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Dizzy Gillespie, and Thelonius Monk. Haynes will be joining Phil on air to tell some tall tales. Check it out.
Adam McCauley January 9, 2009
MOST cool. Thanks Paul for the heads up - and lovely portrait!
Steve Brodner January 9, 2009
Paul: Phil and WKCR are golden. An oasis for Jazz, which was pop and then became art. And now preaches to the few who speak the language. Easy to understand and love requiring only with a few moments to groove, but you've got to hear the good stuff. A word about Roy. He is the last surviving member of the Charlie Parker sides that many of us revere. I saw him last year at the club they call Birdland. I couldn't believe the power, ideas and agility of this guy. Not just great for an 82 year old, but for anybody! A stranger leaned in and asked me how old he was. I told him and he was floored. My daughter Terry came and I was glad she got to see a piece of one of the most amazing creative movements in the history of art. Here's to Roy, and to you for this great post.
Stephen Kroninger January 9, 2009
I'll be listening, Paul. Wonderful drawing, wonderful music, wonderful post.
Joe Ciardiello January 9, 2009
That Roy Haynes is still swinging with the energy and feel of someone half his age is both amazing and inspiring. Phil Schaap is a human encyclopedia who recalls more details of a musician's life than they do. Great drawing of Max, Paul.
harry January 9, 2009
Paul, Love that drawing. There is/was a station in Newark that plays all Jazz. Don't recall the station but I'm listening to WKCR right now. There was a jazz club in my old town of Metuchen, NJ but sadly I never got there, now wish I had.
Doug Fraser January 9, 2009
I dig the way you draw those hands on that guy. Also many thanks for the Jazz appreciation.
Robert Saunders January 9, 2009
Max Roach, one of the greats! Nice sketch, Paul, and nice handling of gesture and how his suit drapes.
Nick Arciaga January 26, 2009
Paul! How's it goin? What days/times are you on campus? 626 564 8728