Posters for Art Center
posted: January 28, 2009
I’ve been teaching at Art Center College of Design for the last few years, and we’ve had some fantastic guest speakers. Ann Field, Chair of the Illustration Dept. asked me if I’d design some posters to announce these lectures. It’s always good to work with the great imagery these artists have created, and some students have told me that they’ve started tearing them off the walls after the event to save them.
This first one was done for Jeff Smith, I think he has been on the faculty since the end of the Korean War. This was for a talk he gave in Seattle. The rest are all for Art Center.
Brian Stauffer January 28, 2009
That's quite a collection of talent and posters!
Lou Brooks January 28, 2009
Paul... these are incredible. Really sumthin'. Thanks for showing all in context to one another. What a great portfolio of prints they would make. BTW, I watched "Sunset Blvd" again (!!) the other night, but every time I see Holden floating in the pool, I think of you. This is a stigma that I believe is going to follow me for the rest of my life.
David Flaherty January 28, 2009
Nice. Esp. the first and last.
Mark Fisher January 28, 2009
Really nice posters Paul.
Walter Vasconcelos January 28, 2009
Wow...beautiful poster collection!
Drew Friedman January 28, 2009
These are just stunning!
David Goldin January 28, 2009
These are great Paul. Damn good stuff! Thanks.
Dale Stephanos January 28, 2009
These are fantastic.
Robert Hunt January 28, 2009
Terrific posters- great showcases for the art!
Anna January 28, 2009
You do the most amazing posters Paul. To think these are all just for Art Center only! I'm sad I won't get to steal anymore off the walls but thank you for posting these here!
josh cochran January 29, 2009
gorgeous posters. Jeff Smith is rather old...
David Ramshaw January 29, 2009
A couple of nice ones, but mostly dull.
Laura Levine January 29, 2009
Utterly brilliant - you really tailored each one so perfectly to their subject. Someone did their homework!
Adam McCauley January 29, 2009
Beautiful posters all.
Scott Bakal January 29, 2009
Holy crap! They're amazing. Truly great designs.
Chris Buzelli January 29, 2009
Wow! I think you've just boosted the bar for guest lecturer posters. Beautiful work!
Kyle T. Webster January 29, 2009
Paul, you're a stud.
felix Sockwell January 29, 2009
these are awesome paul!
Darryl Fudge January 29, 2009
Looks like that pooh stick is being passed around.
Peter Cusack January 29, 2009
Like Drew said . . . stunning. Like I might say . . . these kick ass. They're an inspiration as art pieces and show off each artist with such respect and excitement. Beautiful series.
Tim OBrien January 29, 2009
Man, I'd buy a set of these for my studio.
Cathleen Toelke January 29, 2009
A beautiful series, Paul, and great to see the whole group. Each is so distinctive. Laura's comment is right on.
Hal Mayforth January 29, 2009
We're running out of superlatives here. How about superb? Thanks for the post, Paul. It made my day.
laura tallardy January 29, 2009
marvelously grandiose my good man. love the designs. i'd be ripping them off the walls for my studio too!
Hanoch Piven January 30, 2009
Hey Paul, I hope you are not going to say you do these really 'quickly' as a side thingy. They're so great. Did you do the Lukova lettering yourself as well or picked it from her posters?
Harry January 30, 2009
I can see why they steal them. And wow Art Center gets some heavy hitters. 626 564 8728