Ornette Today, Bix Tomorrow
posted: March 9, 2009
Today on WKCR, Ornette Coleman birthday broadcast. Tomorrow Bix Beiderbecke.
Two days of back-to-back 24 hour listening to jazz genius from two eras.

 Ornette is still with us at 79, creating new music and challenging listeners.

Bix didn’t last long, but he left a lot of beautiful playing on some great records and some beautiful playing on some terrible records.

Check them out on  
Steve B March 9, 2009
Beautiful painting and type integration Paul. And, oh yeah, play the music, Phil.
Robert Saunders March 9, 2009
Distinctive feel to these compositions, each in its own style. I was never able to get my ears around free jazz, but Ornette and his school obviously had something going on for somebody out there, and had great force and passion.
David Heatley March 9, 2009
Love 'em. The pictures and the musicians. "Shape of Jazz To Come" is often on heavy rotation in the studio. Thanks for sharing.
Kyle T. Webster March 10, 2009
Geez, Paul! Stop making everybody look bad with your unreal design, lyrical line, and type that's sublime. ODG
Leo Espinosa March 10, 2009
type design master!
Doug Fraser March 10, 2009
Take me to the ER, you're makin' it look easy.
Felix Sockwell March 12, 2009
awesome. i met coleman last year in Burlington. Genius. 626 564 8728