An Afternoon at the Opera
posted: April 18, 2009
The Los Angeles Times asked me to attend a dress rehearsal for the LA Opera's production of "The Birds," a fable written by Walter Braunfels in Munich in 1920. I hung around backstage and in the empty Dorothy Chandler Pavillion and watched as all the parts to the opera came together: no sign of Bugs Bunny.

Victor Juhasz April 19, 2009
What a great assignment. Nice drawings too. Did you take any photo reference as well?
Drew Friedman April 19, 2009
Great work! They have the feel of classic New Yorker covers.
Owen April 20, 2009
Just saw these earlier, they came out fantastic.
Doug Fraser April 20, 2009
Nice assignment. Music, Broadway, jazz, entertainment, you're playin'.
Christian Daigle April 20, 2009
This is my first comment on your site and I just want to tell you that I'm a big fan of your work!Wonderful!
Josh McKible April 20, 2009
Oh, these are lovely! I love the contrast of the linework and the blocks of color. The second image with the scaffolding... nice. 626 564 8728