Name That Movie 3
posted: May 8, 2009
Six drawings per movie, in sequence, no movie stars.

Lou Brooks May 8, 2009
Hey, Paul, these are terrific and great fun besides. Do you want me to take a stab at some right here, or am I then a spoiler?
Stephen Kroninger May 8, 2009
I can name 'em all. Great stuff, Paul. I've been enlisted to design some flats for a fifth grade production of "Singin' In the Rain." I sure could use your eye and expertise. These are great. ***SPOILER*** 1. The Last Picture Show 2. The Big Sleep 3. The Third Man 4. Paper Moon 5. Singin' In The Rain 6. The Graduate 7. Vertigo 8. Touch of Evil
S.M. Vidaurri May 9, 2009
These are awesome!
Doug Fraser May 11, 2009
I'm only good for four of them. •The Last Picture Show •The Third Man •The Graduate •Vertigo Well I guess the ones I know are pretty mainstream. I have to spend more research time on TLC. These all should be drawn on cocktail napkins.
Jeffrey Smith May 11, 2009
Hi Paul, I really like this game. I'm terrible at it, but I like it. The drawings are beautiful.
Anna May 31, 2009
Awesome! Did you use my Singin' in the Rain screen captures for reference??? lol :)
Ryan Brennan November 9, 2009
Stephen Kroninger has them right.
Mike Lewis November 9, 2009
I love this! Got them all! The Big sleep though was a good guess! Can't wait for the book!
dana.d December 17, 2009
The Set Up Postman Always Rings Twice Singing in the Rain and Vertigo 626 564 8728