Paul Rogers Studio

Charles White III

JUNE 4, 2009

The legendary artist-airbrush pioneer-illustrator-sculptor-visionary Charlie White is having a one-day sale at his studio in Venice Beach California on Sunday June 7th from 3pm-6pm. He’s putting some classic original paintings and prints up for sale.

Charlie broke a lot of new ground in the 1970’s and 1980’s and his name was synonymous with the California air-brush look that graced so many album covers and magazines. His work always brought an unexpected idea and was executed beautifully.

Charlie’s influence on other artists is hard to exaggerate, He and Dave Willardson ran a studio in the early 80’s and they laid enough work on me to keep me afloat for my first years as an illustrator and I’ll always be grateful for the lessons I learned there.

Olio - 9 Wavecrest Avenue
Venice, CA 90291