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Bloomsday on WBAI

JUNE 15, 2009

Tuesday is June 16, Bloomsday, and WBAI is broadcasting a James Joyce Celebration from 7pm - 1:30 am EST.

"Radio Bloomsday is an intimate radio program featuring readings of James Joyce's Ulysses, plus selections from Joyce's entire canon, performed by leading actors.  Bloomsday is celebrated every year on June 16, the day Ulysses takes place.

Radio Bloomsday makes the works of Joyce accessible to a 21st century audience, the newly initiated and devoted stalwarts alike," explains host/producer Larry Josephson."This years annual Radio Bloomsday, The priests, the Jews and the Irish, highlights the "Wandering Rocks" episode of Ulysses.  But we'll take  listeners on a freewheeling tour throughout Ulysses --a mixture of live performance, pre-recorded excerpts and Irish music."

Larry Josephson is not only my cousin and friend, but a lengendary radio producer and host. His work with Bob & Ray won Peabody Awards and this Bloomsday broadcast is definitely something to check out. You know you never finished reading Ulysses in college.