National Infantry Museum
posted: June 30, 2009
It was an honor to work on a project for The National Infantry Museum in Ft. Benning Georgia. The new museum tells the story of America’s ground soldiers from the colonial period to the present day, and had their Grand Opening on June 19. The exhibit design and museum planning firm, Christopher Chadbourne & Associates asked me to design six posters that would be used as large entry graphics for each of the main galleries.  The idea was to give the pieces a twentieth century war poster vibe that would set the tone for each segment of the story, and would work well with the wealth of information and artifacts in the museum.  These images required a serious level of research to be sure that the details were correct.

Installation photo from Flickr by cfave....
Jim Paillot July 1, 2009
Holy Smokes! What a great gig. You must have had a blast doing these. My favorite is the World At War poster. Your designs and art is so seamless and bold.
fiedler July 1, 2009
Very elegant! Beats a quarter pager any day!
Peter Hermann July 1, 2009
Amazing looking posters. I really like the amount of detail you show without loosing the overall power of the design. The cold war poster looks really nice in the photo. But I liked the slanted type better, worked so well with his shoulders.
Mark Fisher July 1, 2009
Bullseye Paul! Real powerful images. I will send the link to my son in the army.
Tim OBrien July 1, 2009
Wonderful pieces Paul. I can't imagine the chills you would feel seeing your work in that setting. Congratulations
Victor Juhasz July 1, 2009
Superb. Beautiful designs and execution. Keeping the tradition. Hooah.
Doug Fraser July 2, 2009
The look and feel is dead on! Your work looks great printed large. Another BIG assignment, jeez makes covers feel like spots.
Owen July 4, 2009
These came out fantastic Paul! I'm glad to see it looks like they're doing them justice in their displays.
brody July 7, 2009
america! I love 'em paul. 626 564 8728