2010 World Cup
posted: July 9, 2009
Only 335 days until the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Faber and Faber in London called for a book jacket design for the updated “Story of the World Cup” by the legendary English football writer Brian Glanville. Art Director Alex Kirby asked for a vintage poster vibe that integrated the lettering into the image. This piece owes a lot to the great Joseph Binder.
Doug Fraser July 9, 2009
What can be said but, GOOOOAAAAAAALLLL! That's one gorgeous soccer ball. In the rest of the world it's FOOTBALL.
Kyle T. Webster July 9, 2009
Ah! I love this!!! (huge soccer fan, huge vintage poster fan - this has it all) Paul, the most interesting area is the shirt - love how that is all handled with different edges and shapes.
Leo Espinosa July 9, 2009
Love it, Paul! I have one comment though: Doug is right, it's a gorgeous ball but I feel like the classic, timeless design would've been a better match with the rest of the image.
Stephen Kroninger July 9, 2009
Hanoch Piven July 9, 2009
great image Paul. Leo darling, I disagree with the soccer ball comment. I think the contemporary ball makes the poster timely. With the traditional soccer ball design, it would have looked like a 50's poster. I think also the uniform is kind of contemporary rather than classic. But I love you otherwise.
Shout July 9, 2009
hi Paul, I love that style and I love soccer too, I'm Italian u know that. outstanding image
Christoph Hitz July 9, 2009
Terrific cover, the contemporary ball is essential. 626 564 8728