Ass Power
posted: July 22, 2009
We’ve been doing some on-location drawing in my Illustrative Storytelling class at Art Center this summer. This week we took in a ballgame from the left field bleachers at Dodger Stadium. A lot goes on out there that has nothing to do with the proceedings on the field.

I started this drawing when the Dodgers were down 3-0 and by the time I finished they were up 6-3. The students are figuring out what it takes to become an illustrator, and I tell them you gotta have some “ass-power.” Quincy Jones used the term to describe what made Michael Jackson better than a lot of other singers he’d worked with, Michael was willing to sit his ass down in the studio and do the work required to make a great record. Sometimes ass-power beats raw talent.

Robert Saunders July 22, 2009
Great eye, how you synthesize it all into a coherent sketch is amazing.
Kyle T. Webster July 22, 2009
I love that you can play with scale without losing a believable sense of perspective.
Doug Fraser July 22, 2009
Damn you're good! Is that Smith in a hotdog eating contest? Geez go easy on the tube steaks.
Shout July 22, 2009
very nice!
Victor Juhasz July 22, 2009
Terrific. You have what seems like an intuitive grasp of wide open spaces and details. Enviable. You're serious business, Paul.
brody albert July 23, 2009
jeff is murdering that dog!! so great! nice drawing paul, i had fun that day, thanks again.
Bill Main July 24, 2009
Really cool drawing.Nice use of scale with the crowd...pattern, and then the slightly larger players to the foreground figures. sweet. If only Jeff had been in there chomping... Oh, I like that you paid attention to the logo up there too.
Michelle Evans February 26, 2014
I love this. I want to make sure my ass power is in good shape. Have shared your link on twitter! Thanks for the advice Paul Rogers! 626 564 8728