Studio Visit
posted: September 3, 2009

Continuing the show-pictures-of-your-studio craze that’s sweeping Drawger,  here’s a look at mine. I’ve been in this studio in Old Pasadena for about 15 years. My wife Jill’s studio is across the hall,  unless my music is too loud the doors are open, there are a couple other graphic designers in the building and an architect.


Those are a couple of Mexican movie posters I found at a flea market, and a film festival poster I did.

Books are starting to overflow and I should pack up the stereo to make a bit more space; I tend to just play music off the computer all day, but I can’t bring myself to pack up the records and CDs.  My son is quietly moving my LP collection into his LP collection, he slips out a couple of records every time he stops in. The kids love the vinyl.

That’s part of a large two-panel painting that’s going into the lobby of my landlord’s other building in the neighborhood.

Some days Jill brings her cat, James Thurber to work.

Hanoch Piven September 3, 2009
Hey Paul, can I borrow some books? Aren't the ones of the Spanish Civil War posters great? Did you get them here?
Joseph Fiedler September 3, 2009
You stole my cat!! Great place man, love that door, it's like an old detective office in LA!
Doug Fraser September 3, 2009
I'm actually honored to have been there in person. I was making a package up. Hope you got some new X-Acto Blades. It's a wonderful space with the sun pouring in.
Harry Campbell September 3, 2009
We knew this would be a good one. •Love the chair in pic #1 •Great shot of the light through the blinds, so California. I need to get a new turntable, the world just used to be a better place before i-pods. I tend to slip and call mine a Walkman :)
Yuko Shimizu September 3, 2009
Man... now I can NEVER post my studio photos! Everyone has so much style!! And, love the kitty.
Stephen Kroninger September 3, 2009
Any admirer of Herbert Matter is a friend of mine. I could live/work there.
Kyle T Webster September 3, 2009
Is that Barry Blitt's Palin cover to the right of Thurber? Great studio space, Paul - hope to visit you there, someday. Maybe I can swing by when ICON is in town? Thanks for sharing! Kyle
Carl Wiens September 4, 2009
Man, what a collection! Great space, love the solid frosted glass door. Looks so official in a Philip Marlowe kind of way.
Hanoch Piven September 4, 2009
is that Barry Blitt's hat under Thurber?
Andy Ward September 4, 2009
you've got it all - film noir blinds, private dick smoked glass door, heavy weight vinyl collection...i'm going green.
John Tomac September 4, 2009
Awesome space. Love the Joseph Binder print by the door and rather jealous of your library.
laura t. September 4, 2009
i'm with yuko, i feel like i'm working in a closet after looking at everyone's studios!! rad workspace tho- love the door, kitty, library. I wish i could have that many books but i move too much. love all the poster books- wish i could flip thru 'em!
David Flaherty September 4, 2009
Now, that's a pro studio!
Cathleen Toelke September 4, 2009
Great space, Paul. Plenty of inspiration everywhere. Love your book collection. I'm envious of all those flat files!
Paul Rogers September 4, 2009
Hanoch: You can borrow books anytime you're in town. Yes, I got those Spanish Civil War books in Barcelona, and lugged them home. Blitt's hat is here somewhere. Joseph: the picture is 6 months ago, that cat weighs 20 pounds now! Doug: I can't find my packing tape. Harry: I need a new turntable too, I can't believe I used to get up every 20 mins. to turn the record over. Yuko: Don't be shy. You're among friends. Stephen: I bet we have a lot of the same books. Kyle: Stop in anytime, we're always here. Carl and Andy: I also have the Philip Marlowe Office Bottle in the bottom drawer. Everyone else: Thanks for the kind words, if you stay in one spot long enough, you collect a lot of stuff.
Christoph Hitz September 5, 2009
Look just like your old header drawing, nice place, I loooove all the old Swiss posters.
Victor Juhasz September 5, 2009
Beautiful studio. I love a studio with lots of books. I'm assuming that's your Jazz collection in there as well.
oclara September 6, 2009
honnête homme - La ou il y a un chat tout va bien - bonjour
randy enos September 6, 2009's the deal, I want Walter Vasconcellos' style and your studio and then I think I'd be the road to something. I love the glass door with "studio" on it. I have "studio" on my basement door leading down to my dungeon helps me to find it now that I'm getting old.
Matt Curtius September 25, 2009
I'm just getting around to checking out the rest of these studios. This is a beaut Paul. I love how old-time business it feels. Pasadena is the best, and I'm quite jealous of your space. Hey look, we we have similar taste in built ins:) 626 564 8728