Name That Movie 4
posted: November 7, 2009
Six drawings per movie, in sequence, no movie stars

Doug Fraser November 7, 2009
Okay I suck; #1-The Day the World Stood Still; One of the best of the genera, and the remake stinks. #4-Pulp Fiction; The bald head, and Grill is what reminded. The creepy basement scene from the pawn shop still creeps me out. #6-Raiders of The Lost Ark. All of em' clicked. #8-True Grit; The fingers, and the lone gunman against the oncoming gang, both were etched into my mind when the film came out. That's what I have, thanks, good fun.
Victor Juhasz November 7, 2009
Wow, I don't watch enough movies. The last one is the WIZARD OF OZ, first definitely THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, #2 is Chaplin's THE GOLD RUSH (the shoe for dinner gave that away). Hmmmmmmm
Steve Wacksman November 7, 2009
I love these! I got: The Day The Earth Stood Still Pulp Fiction (the band-aid is key!) The Postman Always Rings Twice Raiders Of The Lost Ark (Love the snake going through Marion's shoe and the shifty Belloch) Titanic Wizard Of Oz. Not bad, eh?
Rod November 8, 2009
#3 is La Dolce Vita, the opening shot is unmistakeable.
Robert Saunders November 8, 2009
Fun! The preceding posts answered it for me, all I have to say is reply is Klaatu-Verada-Nikto.
Walter Vasconcelos November 8, 2009
Hi Paul, beautiful line works.
Yuko November 8, 2009
Drawings are SOOOOO beautiful, but I only got Raders.. :-/ sad...
Wes November 9, 2009
FYI, it's "Klaatu barada nikto."
Andy Ward November 9, 2009
these are great, are they running somewhere? if not why not?! postman always rings twice is my favourite (that's it right? number 5?)
Christoph Hitz November 9, 2009
Great tread Paul!
FElix S November 9, 2009
these are off the hook.
Matthew Hollister November 9, 2009
geez these drawings are incredible!
John H. November 9, 2009
Nobody got Double Indemnity! My favorite! Well done...
Ryan Brennan November 9, 2009
Day the Earth Stood Still The Gold Rush 8 1/2 Pulp Fiction The Postman Always Rings Twice Raiders of the Lost Ark Titanic True Grit Wizard of Oz
Mike Lewis November 9, 2009
All but one! Wrong Fillini! Oh well been a long time!
Lara November 9, 2009
I only got The Day the Earth Stood Still, Pulp Fiction, Raiders of The Lost Ark and Titanic. Feeling rather embarassed.
Davey Morrison November 9, 2009
Got all but Titanic, True Grit, and The Postman Always Rings Twice (the three I haven't seen). Very cool drawings, fun game.
nick November 9, 2009
all but true grit
Carina November 10, 2009
Clever! Big fan.
Stephen Kroninger November 10, 2009
Just sent out your NAME THE MOVIEs, all four in the series, to a pack of movie buffs. Something tells me they're going to love them.
Brite November 10, 2009
These are really wonderful and I got all of them except for 'True Grit'.I hope you do more of these! 626 564 8728